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Embrace the power of maps and their amazing ability to tell a story.

Adrift supports MapifyPro for showcasing beautiful, fully interactive maps. We built this theme from the ground up to compliment our software in order to help you make your mapping projects a reality. It adapts-to your goals, your brand, your exact style-and is flexible for just about any type of site, whether for small businesses, products, or personal use. Go on and Grab it here.

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  • Supports MapifyPro

    MapifyPro is the most popular mapping plugin available.

  • Blog / Journal

    Multiple blog formats and styles help tell your story.

  • Make It Yours

    Unlimited flexibility and layout options for each page.

  • Cutting Edge Effects

    Slide, fade, and transition with the best of them.

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Your Maps. Your Story.

Unlimited custom maps and styles.

Adrift supports regular old Google Maps, but did you know that MapifyPro is the number one WordPress Plugin for adding maps to your website? With nearly 10,000 installations, it has become and industry standard, and supports not only Google Maps (with tons of styles pre-installed) but also any custom image of your liking.

This means it’s perfect for parks, nature maps, hiking trails, custom artwork, photos, and videogame maps. See our demos of MapifyPro here, or take the plunge and buy it with the Adrift theme! You’ll see why we recommend MapifyPro as the perfect compliment to the Adrift theme. We even sell it as a bundle!

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  • With our maps—powered by MapifyPro— we promote awareness of fitness trails and introduce Londoners to new, free fitness destinations.

    —MapifyPro Customer

  • MapifyPro is by far the sexiest mapping software on the market, and there is no better way for us to share our travels!

    —MapifyPro Customer

  • MapifyPro is becoming an integral part of several projects related to tourism and travel, and response time support has been outstanding!

    —MapifyPro Customer

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